Big Fat Glossy THANK YOU!

As I mentioned in the last post I started a Kickstarter project to fund my residency in Iceland this year. The project closed last week 146% funded, yes that means OVER funded. This was a wonderful experience for me, and it was such a boost of confidence to see support from friends, family, and even people I’ve never met before. They get my deepest gratitude:

Sue and Jeff Jacobs
Ellie and Loren Cohen
Sydney Feeney
Sharon and Don Dressel
Albert and Joan Jacobs
Sam Rowell
Bettina Landgrebe
Ramzy Masri
Kate Ogden
Susan Reilly
Karen Haines
David Rhoads
Mallory Ruymann
Mary Alice Hassett
Rob and Mare (and DJ) Wilson
Matt Cygnet
Jim ‘The Blind Guy’
Mark Wingard and Randy Parks
Alaina Wall
Warren Rosser
Jason Kolker
Frank Dostaler
Chewie Darsow
Bryan Dressel
Logan Caldbeck
Julia Cole
Abbe Findley
Megan Kubera
Tarak Joshi
James Rodewald
Elizabeth Fisher
Madeline Wilhite
Grace (Grace) Davis
Melissa Cahill
Thomas King
Edward Griffith
Christina Dostaler
Mallory Fletchall
Jonathan Monroe-Cook
Brenna Hart
Nick Terry
Andrew Lyles (and Spray Booth Gallery)
Amanda Elise Bowles
Elisa Smilovitz
Ruben Castillo
Juan Chavarria Jr.
Beverly Ahren
Lou Prendergast
Tracy Abeln
Waseem Touma
Dennis Dickinson (and Exhibtions 2D)
Allyson (Finati) Feeney
Michele Fricke
Penny Weinberg
Francine Lasky
Micah Lidberg
Joan Prendergast
John Robert Craft
Charles Lipson

Thank you all so much. I really couldn’t have done this without you. Please feel free to check back here to see updates about my residency.


About Matt Jacobs

Matt Jacobs is an artist and writer based in Kansas City, Missouri. He holds a BFA in Sculpture and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute. His work has been exhibited internationally in Iceland and Italy as well as throughout the U.S. including Texas, California, and New York. In addition to maintaining a studio practice, Jacobs also pursues critical activities such as writing and curating. He has curated several exhibitions in the Kansas City area including “Twenty Something” at City Arts Project and at the H+R Block Artspace’s Biennial Flatfile exhibition. His writing has appeared in Art Tattler, Review Magazine, and Glasstire.
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