Arrival in the Land of Ice

After 3 flights, 3 buses, 1 train and nearly 13 hours of layovers I’ve finally arrived at the Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts in Seydisfjordur, Iceland. It’s taken some time to recover from all that traveling, but I’m beginning to get settled. Here’s a couple quick photos I snapped along the way. Check back in for more news or you can sign up for email updates by clicking the ‘Follow’ button in the lower right corner.

Takk Fyrir!

Beautiful Seydisfjordur. Yes, I know it looks like Santa's Village.

Blurry shot of my little house/studio for the next two months. Formerly owned by artist Birgir Andresson.

About Matt Jacobs

Matt Jacobs is an artist and writer based in Kansas City, Missouri. He holds a BFA in Sculpture and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute. His work has been exhibited internationally in Iceland and Italy as well as throughout the U.S. including Texas, California, and New York. In addition to maintaining a studio practice, Jacobs also pursues critical activities such as writing and curating. He has curated several exhibitions in the Kansas City area including “Twenty Something” at City Arts Project and at the H+R Block Artspace’s Biennial Flatfile exhibition. His writing has appeared in Art Tattler, Review Magazine, and Glasstire.
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